Web-development: A Ported Iteration​​​​​​​
Creative Coding | Spring, 2021
Through microcontrollers and physical computing, this project explores the field of creative coding. The objective was to demonstrate an understanding of programming, bridging the gap between developer and designer.
I chose to expand on gameplay ideas presented by FAL in his single-player shooter: Duel. My goal was to introduce a second input configuration, possibly also enabling multiplayer capability; in other words, creating a clone of his game and translating it into a competitive player vs player shooter. Utilising Adafruit's Circuit Playground Express, I succeeded, and the final solution provides participants with the choice to adopt a new experience altogether.
While I did not use FAL's source materials, I did implement his initial concepts into my mechanics, the most notable being the keyboard input configuration and the players' movements. Using Mozilla's Gamepad API, I even added support for controller inputs — but later removed them, as their addition couldn't compete with the microcontrollers' accelerometer driven configuration. 
Preliminary sketches
Concept art
Final outcome, CPX demonstration

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