Statistics as Problem-Solving: Monopoly​​​​​​​
Creative Coding, Graphic Design | Spring, 2021
"Statistics as Problem-Solving", the prompt for this project, provoking the exploration of design from an analytical perspective. The objective was to discover and develop a mathematical application for learning.
I chose to base my research on Monopoly, a board game initially created to be a practical demonstration of the present system of land grabbing. Considering Monopoly's educational origins, invented as a tool for learning, further developing it into an academic application was only appropriate.
Utilising information the board game provided alongside a simulation, which I developed to estimate the probability of landing per space, I calculated a return on investment for each house and hotel for each tradable property. Using those findings, I produced an informal guide for users looking to better their Monopoly game. Ultimately, the outcome of this project was to demonstrate a strategy using basic mathematics.
Collected data; Heatmap
Title Deed visit count; Cyan, Orange and Blue comparison chart
Rent per Roll; Return on Investment; Rolls to Break-even
Final outcome, brochure

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