Motion Bumper: MICA x GGJ
Motion | Spring, 2020
This motion bumper is a narrative exploration of video games, demonstrating two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques. The objective was to advertise an event, drawing visual inspiration from its brand guidelines, as the project's requirements orbited designing for an adopted style.
Following MICA's guidelines, I promoted a Global Game Jam, which used MICA's Game Lab as its venue. Referencing visuals presented by Ben Marriot in his workflow demonstration for YouTube title sequences, I expanded his concept into a 3D interpretation, focusing on the selected guidelines and the various fields of game design.
After establishing a concept to build from, my process became reasonably uncomplicated, rotating between developing the storyboard and the animatic. After working through iterations and feedback, I arrived at an engaging commercial that respects MICA's and the Global Game Jam's respective brand identities.
Preliminary sketches
Stills from the animatic
Stills from the final outcome

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