Redesign: Tesla for Teen Drivers​​​​​​​
Graphic Design | Spring, 2021
"Tesla for Teen Drivers", the prompt for this fictional website redesign. The objective was to reconsider a responsive landing page for a specific brand and audience. I chose to develop an interaction-oriented landing page, seeking inspiration from character selection screens, commonly found in video games.
The bulk of my work involved deconstructing websites into low fidelity wireframes — allowing me to evaluate the process behind marketing luxury services — and identifying attributes liked and disliked by teenagers — along with shared hobbies and interests. As a result, I drew most of my inspiration from video games and hardware brands.
Before finalising the concept and generating assets for the redesign, I prototyped it in CSS and verified its plausibility. The final solution emulates the interaction of a character selection screen, enabling customers to select a Tesla as one would in a video game.
Original website - desktop, tablet, and mobile
Preliminary sketches
Interaction animation
Interaction prototype, CSS - p5.js
Rough designs
Vehicle thumbnails
Final outcome - desktop, tablet, and mobile

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