Brand Identity: The Skateable Resource​​​​​​​
Graphic Design, Motion | Spring, 2021
The Quarter Spot is a fictional pop-up, which promotes skate culture through a convince store that tours existing skateparks, supplementing them with essential resources and an additional obstacle to best.
This project explores the notion of designing a visual system, building upon a concept of our creation. I chose to develop an identity based on a tagline: "The Skateable Resource". The final solution is a collection of designs demonstrating the range and usage of the concept and branding, respectively.
This exploration was a sixteen-round process, developing elements through implementation. Working through iterations and feedback, I designed through five phases: Concept and Logotype; Key Applications, System, Typography, and Colour; Spatial; Print Collateral; Digital.
Spatial - Structure
Spatial - Billboard
Print Collateral - Postcard, Poster
Print Collateral - Stickers
Digital - Motion design

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