Motion Exploration: Scripting
Creative Coding, Motion | Fall, 2021
Inspired by the genius of Dan Ebberts, this project is a focused exploration into Adobe After Effects' programming functionality. The objective was to develop and package an efficient workflow that addressed redundancies within my practice.
Conceptually, my solution is a mathematically oriented script that seeks to automate layout configuration within After Effects — continuing my pursuit with bridging development to design. Visually, my solution takes multiple forms, ranging from motion posters to short branding exercises. The intent behind each demonstration is to showcase a fluid layout and the ease behind its creation.
Though this project started as a poster exercise — translating it to motion — its final solution evolved into an educational quest, simplifying the creation of motion layouts and introducing me to scripting within After Effects. The process behind this exploration was complicated, and it tested my abilities as both designer and developer. 
Motion branding
Audio: Banko Em (Alt. - 2a) (Instrumental) by Ben Jacobs
Motion ident
Audio: Medina (Instrumental) by Garvanza
Motion exercises
Inspiration: @tilt.editions, Audio: Pablo's Island (Instrumental) by Graham Barton
Layout exercises
Motion poster
Script, demonstration

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