Web-development: Parametric Design​​​​​​​
Creative Coding | Fall, 2020
This project explores the development of parametric design. Its objective was to design a system controlled by parameters. Inspired by an older assignment, my solution orbits data: using statistics as parameters, I developed a search engine that uses outcomes from the Premier League to display infographics.
Powered by figures taken from an analysis site, FootyStats, the final solution extracts and utilises statistics to display a chosen football club's season performance. This assignment started as a recycling exercise, finding a purpose for an unfinished infographic book, but evolved into a research exercise, educating me on data handling and enabling an exploration into data visualisation. 
Before programing the application in JavaScript, I experimented with and studied the data to understand how it functioned, allowing me to reconfigure my initial infographics into wireframes that were transplantable into a code-oriented environment.
Infographic Book: EPL | Spring, 2020
Data-driven visuals
Preliminary sketches
Concept art
Final outcome

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