Degree Project: Rigged
Motion | Spring, 2022
Rigged is a collection of templates for motion designers seeking to create dynamic visuals. Effortless to use and free of charge, these motion explorations enable After Effects users to utilise complicated rigs without ever touching expressions — think assets, but creators retain control.
Distributed with each rig are the original project files alongside a series of short animations, which demonstrate either capabilities, experimentations or practical usage.
Inspired by the genius of Dan Ebberts and the generosity of the designers behind Ordinary Folk's Play, the intention behind this degree project is to integrate automation into motion workflows while studying the programming functionality within Adobe's Creative Suite.
Audio - Medina (Instrumental) by Garvanza
Project file usage
Motion explorations
"VariableEye: Opinions" by Max Li
Project file usage
Motion explorations
Audio - Moving On (Acoustic) (Instrumental) by Soul City
Project file usage
Motion explorations
Dan Ebberts:​​​​​​​
Ordinary Folk:​​​​​​​

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